Tactica The Book
The bedrock of all other Tactica offerings, Tactica The Book is the distilled knowledge of decades of study of Military Philosophy and its application to the Strategy and Tactics of High Value Sales in the commercial world.

Tactica The Book contains the following chapters: 

  • •The Principles of War in Sales Campaigns 
    • –How to Plan and Execute a Campaign
  • •The Pattern of War in Sales Campaigns 
    • –How to recognise and control the types of engagements in a campaign
  • •The Mathematical Laws of Combat in Sales Campaigns 
    • –How to adopt the right tactics for your strengths and weaknesses
  • •The Rules of Engagement/Indirect Approach in Sales Campaigns 
    • –How to collapse time frames and maximise rewards in the Campaign
  • •The Effect of Ground in sales Campaigns 
    • –How to choose “ground” to best effect in a Campaign
  • •The Power of Initiative in Sales Campaigns 
    • –How to take and maintain the Initiative in a Campaign
  • Blitzkrieg Sales Campaigns 
    • –How to bring all the lessons together


As well as drawing on the Author's extensive experience in the Commercial World and world-wide travel studying Military History, the book includes practical instruction on implementing the teachings of Great Military Strategists, and includes a chapter on Lanchester Theory, the methodology used by Japanese Industry to break into and dominate many World Markets, and taught in the Military Staff Colleges of all major Nations.

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